Why We Use WordPress for a Content Management System?

We use WordPress as our website creation platform
for a few very good reasons.

  • 100% customizable. The platform allows us to write our own custom code and create completely different websites that suite our clients each and every need.
  • SEO friendly. Google loves the way WordPress organizes code. This is important since Google’s opinion decides when a website is displayed in a search query.
  • Responsive capability. WordPress sites have the ability to be mobile-friendly responsive sites.
  • User-Friendly. WordPress is a very user-friendly platform. After we design and launch a site, we teach our clients how to manage it and add content such as images and text, manage a blog, update retail sections, amongst other things.
  • Reliable. WordPress is a reliable and popular platform for web development. Many very large businesses, over 75 million in fact, rely on WordPress, which only helps to authenticate the platform as a trustworthy tool for website creation.